Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This is my very first post and i want to introduce myself and explain what I entend to be posting here in the future.

My name is Jorge Melo. I live in Condeixa, a quite village near Coimbra, in the center of this beautiful country that is Portugal!

I've always liked photography but I only got my first DLSR when I was 31 years old. Since then, I've been learning the most that I can about photography and trying to discover what kind of photographer I wanted to be.

I'm a software developer and because that takes much of my time, and also my two dauhters, I haven't yet turned photography into what I want it to turn into : My job! So, I do what I can and try to became the best that I can with the means that I have.

About this blog, first of all i want this to be a place where i can show my work as a photographer.  I also want to post news and information that i find usefull and that i think of it as an asset to other photography lovers.
I also plan to do some tutorials  (writen/audio/video) on some of the techniques that I’ve learned with other photographers that I have been following for some time. Not only on the process of taking the photos itselfs but also on the post processing techniques, using for this tools like Lightroom, Photoshoop, Nik Collection and a few more.
I hope you’ll like it and I hope you came back again and again and leave your opinion on what you think about this blog.
See you soon.

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