Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Before the arise of digital cameras, the only way to save or show your photos was by printing them. Almost everyone has albums in the closet with tons of photos from the past.

Since I strated shooting with a digital camera that almost ended. To change that I started to search for a cool easy way to print and save my photos.

After my search I decided to go with Hofmann. It's a cool site that let's you download their software so that you can easily construct your Album, Calendar and a lot of other things from witch you can choose.

I started by creating albums and calendars. In my opinion they have affordable prices, and they are always making special offers that makes even lower prices.

It's also a easy, unexpensive way to came up with gifts for the family and they deliver in about 48 hours.

Here are some examples of what I been printing from Hofmann:

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