Monday, May 30, 2016


Sports photography it's not the easiest one. I think that almost everyone agrees with me. Whenever I have a chance to pratice it, I go for it.

This time my sister, that does some work with a female basketball team, invited me to go and see a game of the youngest players. I told her if I could take my camera and shoot some photos I would go :)

My main problem was the fact that I didn't want to use flash because I didn't know if it would disturb the players, and because of that I had to increase my ISO in the way that I could have a fast shutter speed to freeze the images. The result is that the pictures turned out very noisy.

I've used the Siga 17-50mm for wider shots and the Canon 85mm to get closer to the action.

I still have a lot to lurn!

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